The founders of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church chose our name to highlight the priority of sharing the Gospel (Evangel) as a missional movement of churches. We aim to be EVANGELISTIC Presbyterian churches. Our Book of Order specifies evangelism as the top priority of each court in the Church. The Essentials of our Faith mandates we fulfill the Great Commission and our updated version of Westminster includes an entire chapter on the Love of God and Missions. Our constitution, our Bible, and our Lord command us to reach the lost world with the Gospel! The CHURCH HEALTH COORDINATOR exists to train and mobilize our Presbytery to that end. There are three specific areas this strategic role addresses: Evangelism, Transitional Pastors and Revitalization.




What is Church Health?
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Evangelism is sharing Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and leaving results to God. To create a culture of evangelism, the entire EPC is rallying around the 3 CIRCLES Gospel presentation.




TRANSITIONAL PASTOR is contracted by a Session, typically 12-24 months, before a congregation sets up a Search Committee. The goal is to walk the entire church through a Church Health assesment to prepare for your next Pastor.

Episode 48: Small church and Transitional Pastor ministry with Suzanne Zampella

Read and discuss “The Case for a Transitional Pastor” with your Session.

Preview the manual used by an EPC Transitional Pastor

If you’re a Teaching Elder, attend a Transitional Pastor training. Contact your Church Health Coordinator for dates and locations.

If you’re a Session, desiring a Transitional Pastor, contact the Ministerial Committee and the Church Health Coordinator to discuss your next step.


We want to be healthy congregations, growing by conversion. If your church is struggling, the we can connect you to a CHURCH HEALTH COACH who can guide you through a process of Church Health.


Contact Rev. Brandon Addison for more details.