MinisterialThe Ministerial Committee exists to serve the Teaching Elders and churches of the Presbytery of the West.  The work we do is  vital in the life of our presbytery. As a team, we get the opportunity to spend time assisting churches as they go through leadership transitions, interviewing ministers who are seeking transfer, counsel churches going through difficult times, and provide pastoral care and oversight for ministers within our boundaries.

At times, we are called into mediate conflict or help consult with churches on the significant issues and challenges they face in an ever-changing 21st century cultural context.  And in very rare cases, we are charged to investigate the conduct of ministers and churches in order to protect the life of the Body of Christ.

In all cases, the work is tremendously rewarding and the Presbytery of the West is served by an incredibly faithful group of men and women who have answered the call to serve.  These men and women come from all different churches across the presbytery and are ordained Ruling and/or Teaching Elders.  We maintain an equal balance between Ruling and Teaching Elders on the committee.

Ministerial Committee Members

Class of 2020

  • TE open
  • TE Jon Sharpe
  • RE Jim Lewien
  • RE Alecia Brown

Class of 2021

  • TE Curtis Brophy
  • TE Fred Lian
  • RE Cecil Mathews
  • RE Jim Paulsen

Class of 2022

  • TE Doug Brown, Chair
  • TE Ramona Spilman
  • RE Ken Roberts
  • RE Pam LaPorte

If you have any questions or want further information, please contact the current chair of the committee.